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Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

Lumen is pure light, the elegant luminescence of the butterfly and the impalpable flutter of wings lead to a sophisticated experience of mixology and cuisine. A quintessential Roman Salotto, a collector of endless emotions, Lumen is an all-day dining restaurant for luminaries where the concept of live exquisite finds its highest expression.


Our Proposals
  • Lumen Garden
    Lumen Garden

    During the summer season, Lumen moves to the Garden, an urban oasis immersed in the vibrant hues of a natural palette.
    As the wings of a butterfly, the light envelops guests in this corner of peace, discreet and protected, to enjoy a moment of convivial relaxation. The unique and carefully crafted culinary proposal blends Roman flavors with an international twist. Lumen Garden is directly connected to Galleria Continua for a totally immersive experience.

    Please be informed that the outlet is available for private events only.

  • stregis-lumen-brunch-pancakes-rome
    Rise and shine: breakfast time

    Every day from 7 to 11 a.m., La Credenza di Augusto 1894 wishes an exquisite Buongiorno with a freshly baked pastries corner, omelets, crispy bacon, yogurt, and fresh fruits.

    The offerings range from classic continental and Italian to American-style breakfasts. In addition, a little à la carte menu with selected products is available to meet every need.

  • E' Domenica
    E' Domenica

    Every Sunday, Lumen Cocktails & Cuisine becomes a lively Roman piazza where to spend time with the whole family and rediscover Italian flavors, from fresh pasta to pastarelle, traditional Roman delicacies. 

    The warm and vibrant atmosphere creates a timeless moment surrounded by the notes of live music entertainment. È Domenica welcomes its guests from breakfast to aperitivo and lunch, in addition to its signature Afternoon Tea Ritual, fully respecting seasonal ingredients. 

    For info & reservations, please contact or +39 06 47092740

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The new spot at Lumen
La Credenza di Augusto 1894
The new spot at Lumen
La Credenza di Augusto 1894

Cuisine, as the essence of the Arte di Vivere: this is the philosophy that enlightens the culinary journey crafted by Francesco Donatelli, Executive Chef of The St. Regis Rome. 
Carefully selected ingredients, and a meticulous selection of Italian gastronomic excellences available also for purchasing, all to be rediscovered in entirely new concepts, are the basis of the signature menu at Lumen, Cocktails and Cuisine. 
For aperitifs and private tastings, La Credenza di Augusto 1894 opens its doors to live a unique and immersive culinary experience, blending tradition and discovery. Indulge in our selection of mozzichi, tempting St. Regis Rome-style bites, lively prepared for an exquisite pre-dinner experience.

    Customer’s Frequent Questions

    Customer’s Frequent Questions

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