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Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

LUMEN Cocktails & Cuisine, which owes its name to the unit of measurement of light, is ready to welcome its guests with an all-day offer, made of various options around the hours of the day. From gathering point in the morning, when the breakfast is served, to ideal setting for a business lunch under the majestic central dome; as unmissable place-to-be for aperitivo, when the St. Regis Sabering ritual announces the arrival of the evening, until after dinner, where the drinking experience becomes a sociality event. Lumen recalls the chandeliers, the crystals and their sparkling magic. Lumen is the light of each of us amplified and multiplied by sociality, that here beats in its pulsating heart. Lumen is impalpable material as the wings of a butterfly, symbol of a place born to elevate the drinking experience.