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Signature Glass Collection

Signature Glass Collection

The LUMEN Signature Glass Collection is designed by contemporary artists and curated by Le Dictateur, one of the most dynamic independent realities of the Italian art scene.


Designed by Patricia Urquiola
An alluring shimmering glass evocatively named Atollo, from "atholhu" in the Dhivehi language recalling the heavenly land of an atoll. The glass, indeed, is conceived as a column supporting a hemispherical module, recalling an atoll enclosing an internal lagoon. Atollo is made with Champagne, Italicus, Americano Cocchi, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and gin.


Designed by Federico Pepe
Inspired by the tradition of Chinese porcelain, the series is composed by two glasses, conceived as vases with a lid and hand-decorated with an iconic patterns such as "Eyes in Chains" and "Spine". The oriental mood is found in the choice of ingredients that give life to a fresh cocktail mixed on yuzu and dai-dai juices plus infused tangerine green tea.


Designed by Nico Vascellari
Pozzanghere is a collection of glasses half-lathed and half-shaped by hand. The ceramic cups are inspired by the contrasts of which the city of Rome seems to be fed and be a symbol, from the origins linked to the mysterious fate of the twins Romulus and Remus. The two faces welcome a cocktail where the herbaceous and dark notes inspire a primitive dimension.


Designed by Elena Salmistraro
Alchemy, the art or science of material and citizen transformation. The Alchemist, the fourth glass collection by the Designer Elena Salmistraro, comes to life inspired by Lumen and its constant evolution. The Alchemist encompasses a collection of colors, experiences and stories that, together with the cocktail, tell different perfect moments of the day.