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Signature Rituals

From the traditional teatime to Sabrage and Bloody Mary, every day Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine, hosts the the iconic St. Regis rituals with a personal Italian twist.

The time for tea: the Afternoon Tea Ritual

Every afternoon, between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. at Lumen, step into The St. Regis legacy by experiencing the traditional Tea Ritual, born at The St. Regis New York with Mrs. Astor.
It's a celebration of the finest Damman tea blends, accompanied by English classic scones and local delicacies, carefully prepared to enhance a moment of pure relaxation. 
Captivate the opportunity to experience our Italian merenda. During festivities, the culinary proposal is enriched with traditional holiday treats.
The Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary

Born as a Sunday Ritual and became an experience not to be missed at Lumen. The famous Bloody Mary, the signature cocktail of St. Regis, finds its ultimate expression in a unique and distinctive Mediterranean version made with all-Italian spices and flavors: the Red Admiral.
Sabering Ritual

Sabering Ritual

Sabering: “Champagne, in victory, you deserve it; in defeat, you need it."

Drawing inspiration from Napoleon Bonaparte, every evening at 7:00 p.m. at Lumen, guests can witness the iconic Champagne Sabering ritual as a prelude to the musical program accompanied by an exquisite aperitivo and dinner.